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Rubber Roller Recovering and Grinding Service

Rubber Roller grinding

Replacement Inflatable packers and Elements Pty Ltd undertakes all aspects from complete rubber roller recovering (lagging) rubber grinding of industrial rubber rollers and wheels, through to blemish free linishing.

We accommodate industrial rubber rollers up to 4.5meters in length and 1meter in diameter.
Our customers can request any speciality grooving of industrial rubber rollers and wheels.

conveyor rubber roller regrind.

Industries Serviced

Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Pty Ltd services all industries which use rubber rollers and wheels as part of their production processes, including:

  • Printing Rubber rollers
  • Textile manufacturers
  • Wood and vinyl veneer rollers and rubber wheels
  • Extrusion industries
  • Rubber wheels for industrial belt sanders
  • Plasterboard manufacturers.

Our Services

Industrial rubber rollers and rubber wheels of all industries are serviced.

Major Refurbishment

Rubber rollers worn or damaged beyond useful service are:

  1. stripped
  2. recovered
  3. vulcanized
  4. precision ground

Minor Refurbishment

Industrial rubber rollers exhibiting minor wear or surface irregularities are precision ground to maintain OEM performance with a uniform pressure zone.

Rubber Grinding

We perform high precision rubber grinding (linishing) of rubber rollers as soft as 30 durometer, giving a blemish free surface.

Extrusion rollers recovered and linished to specification.

Rubber Roller Recovering

With access to a broad range of elastomer’s including:

  1. nitrile rubbers (NBR and HNBR)
  2. natural rubber
  3. neoprene
  4. EDDM
  5. flouroelastomer
  6. and silicone rubber,

all of which are available in ranges of different hardness (durometer) we can match or exceed OEM specification for your rubber roller recovering needs.

Technical Services

We offer specialized technical services to meet our customers rubber roller applications and requirements by ensuring the correct selection of a rubber compound to suit specific tasks.

Inflatable packer, Rubber recovering and Grinding to size.

Contact RIPE for a competitive quote on providing custom rubber rolling or grinding for your project equipment.















Laminating roller grinding to size.

Grinding polyurethane spacers.


Replacement Inflatable Packers custom Water well Casing relining packer patch.





















































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