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Inflatable Packers

RIPE design and build custom inflatable packers to suit the unique requirements of your project. We also refurbish or modify aftermarket equipment and replace, repair or rebuild worn and damaged packers,membranes, elements no matter the original supplier or country it was manufactured in.

Packer Elements
RIPE manufacture replaceable elements that can be screwed to the packer mandrel prior to inflation. These multiple-sized configurations can bear a pressure rating of up to 12,000 psi. Our sliding end packers, with replaceable elements, are designed for use in fracture stress testing, pressure grouting, ground-water hydrofracturing and for the multi-zonal testing of different aquifer

Packers & Packer Plugs
These packers (also known as K-packers, M-packers or Tri-Seals) are designed to fit directly onto the outside of a drop pipe. Three rubber ribs form a seal between the pipe and the well casing. The rubber is vulcanized to the pipe casing then machine grooved to the correct diameter and sealing requirements. They are usually positioned above the well screen and create a waterproof union between the smaller-sized monitoring well drop pipe and the larger diameter well casing. K packer seals are the perfect aid to the task of joining bore hole casings of differing diameters.

Grouting Packers
Grouting packers are a highly effective tool in preventing the infiltration of groundwater into structurally sound pipes or shafts. RIPE manufacture both fixed-end grouting inflatable packers and chemical grouting injection packers to order. We can also repair or refurbish your existing grouting packers that show signs of wear or damage.

Large Diameter Cement Grouting Inflatable Packer

Straddle Packers & Wireline Packers
If your next project requires complex multi-zone systems, RIPE can supply fixed end packers to sliding end inflatables. We can manufacture cross-overs to existing wireline systems and everything from tools to shear pins.

Contact RIPE now for our competitive quote on providing custom-manufactured inflatable packers to suit your unique project requirements.


RIPE - Packer Elements

RIPE - Bladder Element

RIPE - Inflatable packers


RIPE custom inflatable packer.

RIPE Custom Packers




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