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Gauge Boards and Hose Reel

Gauge boards are a essential park to your inflatable packer system and here at RIPE we are able to manufacture gauge board with a custom pressure range. We also supply a Gauge board and hose reel setup. The hose reel is inflation tubing and comes with a unique cutting mechanism. The Gauge board set is in a full stainless steel construction. It has unique returns behind the unit for easy mounting. The gauge board supports 1/4" male output one being auxiliary out, Also supporting a 1/4" male input with a three way valve to vent.

The gauge has a rear mounted stainless steel case and duel scale pressure gauge which is glycerine filled for shock resistance. The gauge and pressure range can be changed upon request.



RIPE Gauge Board
Ripe Gauge Board Schematic
RIPE Gauge board and Hose Reel


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