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RIPE - Downloads (right click, file save as)

RIPE Brochure 2008

RIPE Catalogue 2010 (~9MB)

Introduction HTML PDF

RIPE product list HTML PDF

Technical Brochures:

Abandonment Bridge Packer Plug PDF

Ancillary Equipment PDF

Decommissioning Water Well Termination Packer Plug PDF

Drillable Bridge Plug PDF

Drillable Inflatable Bridge Plug PDF

Inflatable Abandonment Packer Plug PDF

Inflatable Packers for Grout Injection PDF

Pump Packer Riserless System PDF

Repairs and Rebuilds PDF

RIPE K-Packers/ Telescopic Seals/ Blind Packers PDF

Standard Wireline Permeability Packer System (SWPPS) PDF

Swage Casing Patches PDF

Water Well Casing Float Shoes PDF

Dilatometers PDF

Hydrostoppers PDF

Grab Packers PDF

Pressure Membranes PDF


Inflatable Packers for Water Well Developments and Maintenance HTML PDF

Inflatable Packers Meet or Exceed the Rigid Engineering Standards Demanded HTML PDF

Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Company Profile HTML PDF

A Brief Introduction to Rubber HTML PDF

Inflatable Packers on the Historical Origins and Development of Packer Technology HTML PDF

Inflatable Packer Innovators PDF


Corrosion Chart PDF

Pressure/ Temperature Conversion Chart PDF

Inflatable Packer Top Cross Over Threads PDF





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