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RIPE Australia - Contact Us

If you would like more information about any of RIPE's products or services, or would like a quote on custom inflatable packers or ancillary equipment for your next project, please complete the form below. We'll get back to you within 24 hours!

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Inflatable Packers and Packer Plugs
Replacements and Rebuilds
Pressure Sleeves & Packer Elements
Custom-built Inflatable Packers
Sacrificial packers, drillable/ inflatable bridge plugs
Rubber Recovering and Rubber Grinding
Ancillary Equipment Inflation line/Inflation Gauge Boards/ Fittings

Please send a message requesting any other information.
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RIPE Customer Support:
Ph: +618 9475 0700
Fax: +618 9475 0770
Mob: +61 400 346 687 (24 hrs x 7)
Address: 29 Wheeler St, Belmont,
WA 6014, Perth, Western Australia, AU.

RIPE are proud to be able to produce custom-designed inflatable packers, packer plugs, replacement packer elements, glands and membranes to the precise specifications that your project requires.

We also specialise in the refurbishment and modification of aftermarket packers, as well as the repair of damaged packer elements.

We supply inflation Gauge boards, Inflation line, and fittings to your custom requirements.

We welcome enquiries from across Australia and internationally and will ship our packers/ packer plugs and ancillary equipment to anywhere in the world. In fact, our prices, based on the value of the Australian dollar, are so competitive for overseas buyers that we challenge international operators to ask us for our quote!
We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

We look forward to receiving your email.

RIPE ... and ready!

RIPE inflatable packers

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Supplier and manufacturers of inflatable well testing inflatable packers, water bore rehabilitation packer equipment and services.