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About Us

Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Pty Ltd

Welcome to Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Pty Ltd, “ The Inflatable Packer Innovators”.

Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements is a Western Australian based company with more than twenty six years experience in designing and building inflatable packers. We continue to maintain a strong competitive profile, demonstrating leadership and innovation in providing cost effective inflatable packer solutions for your engineering concerns.

Replacement Inflatable Packers and elements manufactures standard and custom/purpose built inflatable packers for many specialist applications.
Our customers’, both local and international come from diverse industries:

  • Environmental investigations
  • Water wells
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Geothermal investigation
  • Oil/gas
  • Exploration
  • Civil and mining engineering
  • Conservation
  • Extraction industries
  • Construction

Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Pty Ltd commitment to service of these industries is evidenced by our comprehensive product line, including:

  • High pressure inflatable packers to a maximum of 12,000psi.
  • High pressure inflatable packers for water well hydro fracture operations
  • High pressure inflatable packers for block caving operations.
  • High pressure inflatable cement grouting packers.
  • Standard wireline inflatable packer systems
  • Reline casing inflatable packers and seals.
  • Permeability test inflatable packers
  • Complete water well drill stem testing (DST) inflatable packer systems
  • Decommissioning packers.
  • Abandonment plugs.
  • Water well float shoes
  • Fully vulcanized ‘K’packers
  • RIPE’s PVC ‘blind K packer’
  • Gauge boards
  • Flowmeters
  • All associated inflation lines, hoses and fittings.

In addition, Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Pty Ltd provides:

    • water well/ borehole CCTV camera inspection service.
    • NATA hydrostatic pressure testing certification as required.
    • Industrial rubber roller recovering.
    • All aspects of rubber grinding.

    • Whatever your requirements, we look forward to applying our expertise to achieve practical and economical inflatable packer solutions on your behalf.

    Replacement Inflatable Packers & Elements Pty Ltd
    ACN: 112 472 287

    29 Wheeler St
    Perth 6104
    Western Australia

    The location of our manufacturing plant in Perth is shown below.

    RIPE Perth WA


RIPE Director John Misson

Ripe Director John Misson has over 26 years
experience in the WA engineering industry.


RIPE - Proudly based
in Perth, Western Australia

dilatometer packer sleeve with sensorbuttons in rubber



























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Supplier and manufacturers of inflatable well testing inflatable packers, water bore rehabilitation packer equipment and services.