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“For all your Inflatable Packers and Packer Plug Requirements”




Burst 36mm high pressure mini borehole straddle packer

Manufacture, Repairs and Replacements packer service.


As our name suggests, Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Pty Ltd provides a world class remanufacturing service for worn, damaged or out of specification inflatable packer elements. RIPE’s cost effective know-how, results in substantial savings for our customers, without compromising the packer elements structural integrity and hence, packer element performance and longevity.

Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Pty Ltd provide much more than the remanufacturing of Inflatable Packers for international and local markets. Our manufacturing facilities are fully equipped to design, test and hand make (which is the meaning of manufacture) inflatable packers, packer systems and associated equipment for such diverse disciplines as waterwell development, Oil and Gas, environmental and site investigations, hydrology, geotechnical investigations, geothermal testing, civil and mining, onshore and offshore, drilling and tunneling applications generally.

The manufacture of inflatable packers requires the application of scientific and technical knowledge to the construction and testing of the product to ensure its suitability for end use. With particular reference to inflatable packer elements we have discussed elsewhere in greater depth, variable aspects of the choice and suitability of the many different rubbers available for the manufacture of inflatable packer elements.

Additionally, we have touched on time proven materials (though not techniques) well suited to reinforcing packer elements as required.

(See “RIPE on Rubber”).

Inflatable packers provide engineered solutions for specific technical problems. Thus there exists a wide range of inflatable packer types to address these technical problems, such as high pressure cement grouting packers for waterwell/boreholes, decommissioning grouting valve packers. As well as maintaining and sampling operations, drill stem testing(DST) packers, water well hydrofracturing packers, standard wireline packer systems and other specific applications.

(See “RIPE Product List).

Some may think it refreshing to encounter hand built equipment in an age of mass production, but that misses the point. Out point is, inflatable packers are, by their very nature, poorly suited to mass production techniques.

Our research and development on the types of products our customers require is on going. Unique problems often require unique solutions and, therefore, at RIPE our custom inflatable packers will continue to be hand made by “those skilled in the arts”.







Replacement 46mm high pressure mini staddle packer and impression packers

12"/20" Sliding end abandonment/ termination packer plug





















Reparied abandonment termination packer plug
























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