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Supplier and manufacturers of inflatable well testing inflatable packers, water bore rehabilitation packer equipment and services.

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Welcome to RIPE - Inflatable Packers - Australia

RIPE Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements manufactures, designs and services standard and custom designed inflatable packers. RIPE is competitive and a proven leader in cost effective replacement packer’s and packer elements to an ever expanding world wide market.

RIPE is located in Perth, Western Australia.

The first inflatable packer as we know it was patented back in 1906. The concept of using a precision tool to apply pressure to the interior walls of wells, bores and pipes is not new. However, the phenomenal growth in geotechnical engineering over the last century has lead to a wide variety of applications for this useful device. Innovation of the original packer concept has opened new avenues for exploration, resource and infrastructure development.

• RIPE supply custom-manufactured inflatable packers that are tailored to the unique requirements of your project.

• RIPE refurbish and modify your existing packers or packer elements to suit new or different applications.

• RIPE repair worn or damaged packers, pressure sleeves, glands and membranes to restore them to top performance.

Offering over twenty years experience in the research, design and manufacture of inflatable packers and elements, RIPE is ideally qualified to provide reliable, top-quality equipment. Our prices are competitive and we pride ourselves on the speed and quality of our services and customer support.

Please browse our site for examples of the inflatable packers we provide, or Contact RIPE for more information or quotes on the manufacture of specific items or equipment repairs.


Large Diameter Cement Grouting Inflatable Packer

RIPE produce custom-designed inflatable packers for mining, hydrological and geotechnical projects.

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Disclaimer: Illustrations used throughout this site are provided as indicative of the type and style of packer products that we are able to design and manufacture to customers' unique specifications.

RIPE Replacement Inflatable Packers & Elements

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